2021 Federal Advocacy Partnership Resources:

Preliminary Federal Timeline: This timeline projects what can be expected in the 2021 federal budget process. It can be used as a guide to plan federal advocacy and messaging throughout the year. 

Definitions of Terms Used in the Federal Budget Process: This document describes common terms used in budget conversations to help explain some of the federal jargon.

Reauthorizations for Children’s Programs: This document provides reauthorization deadlines for programs that affect children. It also lists programs that have already expired. 

Key Committees for Children’s Issues: This document lists all of the committees that have jurisdiction over programs affecting children. 

Committee Assignments by State: This document can help you identify where your elected officials play a key role for children.

  • House Committee Chairs: this sheet lists which states have representatives that are chairs or ranking members on committees or subcommittees.
  • Senator Committee Assignments: this sheet lists every Senator’s committee and subcommittee assignments.
  • Jurisdictions for Children: this sheet lists key Senate committees that have jurisdiction over programs affecting children.
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