About the Partnership

The Partnership for America’s Children’s mission is to support its network of state and community child advocacy organizations in effective advocacy. The Partnership connects its members to peer expertise and national resources and facilitates interstate collaborations to deepen the level of impact of child advocacy within and across states. It fosters policy expertise, advocacy skills, and strong organizations.

The Partnership for America’s Children was formed in 2013 by the executive directors of state and local child advocacy organizations because of their firm conviction that state and local child advocacy organizations are more effective when they learn from and support each other.  Each member contributes expertise, leadership, and passion to the network in order to fulfill the Partnership’s vision.

Partnership members are:

  • Multi-issue, recognizing the needs of the whole child and therefore advocating for children from cradle to adulthood across six major policy areas,
  • Independent, setting their own agendas based solely on what is best for children,
  • Nonpartisan, providing rigorous, evidence-based data and analysis to all policymakers, and
  • Nonprofit, putting the needs of children and their families first.

They are leaders in their states and localities, providing evidence-based data and analysis, bringing together broad coalitions, and drawing on a multitude of skills and strategies to improve the policies and programs that affect children and their families.

Most policy decisions that affect children’s lives are made at the state or local level. States provide two-thirds of the funding for children’s programs and administer many of the federally-funded programs.   Because state policies are so important, there are huge variations in how children are faring among states. Children’s well-being and opportunities depend on where they are born and grew up. Thus children need effective advocates working on their behalf with state and local policy makers. This is particularly true because, while most constituents can speak for themselves, children cannot.

The Partnership for America’s Children is working to ensure that child advocates have the tools and resources they need to succeed. While many hundreds of public and private organizations provide services to children, there are very few solely dedicated to speaking up for the needs of kids in the local and state policy arena. Even fewer look at the needs of the whole child to address the most pressing needs and best opportunities. Only the Partnership focuses on strengthening these multi-issue state and local child advocacy organizations that address the needs of the whole child.

The Partnership connects and supports its members in many ways. It is focusing particular attention on sharing advocacy strategies, helping a new generation of executive directors, and building member financial stability through improved foundation exposure and individual donor fundraising.

The Partnership for America’s Children: Connecting, strengthening, and inspiring state and local child advocates.

Connecting, strengthening, and inspiring state and local child advocates

The Partnership for America’s Children
is a network of nonpartisan child policy advocacy
organizations that represent children and their needs at the local,
state, and national level within and across states.

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