Standing in Solidarity; Working for Our Children
As a network of advocates for children, we stand in solidarity with children, youth, families, and community members across the country to denounce the violent forces of racism and state-sanctioned violence that murdered George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Ahmaud Arbery, along with hundreds of other Black fathers, mothers, sons, and daughters. We believe Black Lives Matter.
Our community is struggling today to find ways to respond to three crises at once: a global pandemic, a flailing economy, and police brutality. All of these crises disproportionately leave a damaging and lasting impact on Black children and their families and communities. The anger inflaming our nation today is the consequence of centuries of oppression against Black communities that stifle opportunities for upward mobility for many Black children, and label Black human lives as disposable.
As leaders of organizations, we stand firm to our collective commitment to racial and ethnic equity. We support our Black leaders and leaders of color. We are here to listen, to support, and unapologetically fight for justice.
Our hearts weigh heavy with the pain felt across the nation today, but the power of our communities gives us hope. We are honored to join you to demand a better way forward to ensure we have policies, systems and supports so all children have what they need to grow up healthy and succeed.
Deborah Stein, Network Director
John Brandon, Board Co-Chair
Tasha Green Cruzat, Board Co-Chair and Racial and Ethnic Equity Committee Co-Chair
Mayra Alvarez, Racial and Ethnic Equity Committee Co-Chair
Many members of the Partnership for America's Children have also issued statements of their own. Please find them linked below:

The 2019 Florette Angel Memorial Child Advocacy Award was presented to Paola Maranan. The full award announcement highlights Paola's dynamic leadership as Executive Director of Children's Alliance, mentor to many, and advocate for mitigating barriers of racim and poverty for children.  

Paola Maranan, winner of the 2019 Florette Angel award, with Partnership Board Co-Chairs  John Brandon and Tasha Green Cruzat

Paola Maranan, winner of the 2019 Florette Angel Award, with nominator Lauren Necochea of Voices for Idaho Children, and nomination  supporters Ken Taylor of Kids Forward (Wisconsin) and Annie McKay, Kansas Action for Children.




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