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Securing America's Future
December 02, 2015

What are the most important issues facing U.S. children? Securing America’s Future: Children and the 2016 Election outlines the federal policies affecting children and raises six questions pertaining to children that presidential candidates need to address.

The guide was produced by the Child and Family Policy Center in Iowa for use by organizations engaged in child advocacy, including the Children’s Policy Coalition. It serves as an important backgrounder and a dialogue-starter for the questionnaire being posed to all candidates.

The Children’s Policy Coalition is leading the effort in Iowa to make sure that the issues in this document are discussed in the 2016 campaigns. We want voters and the candidates to be knowledgeable and accountable to the policies discussed in the report. The report was produced in partnership with the Partnership for America's Children, Every Child Matters, Center for the Study of Social Policy, First Focus, and the Children's Leadership Council.

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The Partnership for America’s Children is a network of state and local child advocacy organizations working to improve policies affecting children at the local, state, and national level. The Partnership strengthens members’ policy knowledge, advocacy skills, and organizational development by connecting them to peer expertise and national resources, and by facilitating collaborative efforts to improve the lives of all America's children. More >>

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