Webinar: Youth First Initiative — A National Campaign to End Youth Incarceration

The Youth First Initiative is a new campaign that seeks to end youth incarceration in 15 states over the next 5 years by using multi-strategy efforts includng advocacy, organizing, communications and budget analysis. Several states have already had significant success with this approach. While state efforts will typically be led by a juvenile justice group, the Campaign goal is to have Partnership members part of the work in every state. Even if you do not usually work on juvenile justice issues, you may want to be aware of this campaign so that you can contact the campaign if events in your state suggest that your state is ripe for this effort. The webinar explains this approach, reviews the work so far, and describes when and how you may want to approach them to consider working in your state. The Partnership for America's Children is a national partner of the Youth First campaign.

Learn more about the Youth First Initiative at http://www.youthfirstinitiative.org/

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