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State policy decisions matter to children. In Massachusetts only two percent of children are uninsured; in Arizona, ten percent. In South Dakota, the percentage of children incarcerated is eight times higher than in Vermont. In Utah nearly half of all children living in female-headed households receive child support. In Hawai’i, fewer than a fifth of children recieve child support. Partnership members are skilled professionals that fight for the policies that will give children the best chances to become healthy, productive adults and valuable members of society. When they succeed, thousands or tens of thousands of children benefit. Meet all the members >>

The vision of the Partnership for America’s Children is to improve the lives of all children through public policies to ensure: equity and diversity, child health, school readiness, school success, child safety, and family stability and economic security.

Partnership members’ skilled staff use a wide range of campaign strategies to improve the lives of children and youth. Learn about their approaches to catalyze change through message framing, data and policy analysis, monitoring programs, engaging policymakers, coalitions, and community mobilization.

Our members work tirelessly towards effective, long-term policies to improve the lives of children and families through six focused policy areas.

For decades, our members have led state, local, and national policy campaigns for children and families. Learn about some of the ways that Partnership members have improved children’s lives.

Connecting, strengthening, and inspiring state and local child advocates

The Partnership for America’s Children
is a network of nonpartisan child policy advocacy
organizations that represent children and their needs at the local,
state, and national level within and across states.

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