NC Child Health Success

NC Child produces an annual state-level report that compiles the latest child health and wellness data into a convenient document that uncovers emerging trends, enhances discussions about the well-being of North Carolina children and youth, and promotes investments that prepare children to lead healthy, productive lives. The NC Child Health Report Card is used by policymakers, practitioners, members of the press, and advocates to elevate child health on the public policy agenda and to highlight the impact of previous state investments on child well-being outcomes.  As state-level policy discussions became increasingly polarized in North Carolina, NC Child recognized an opportunity to ignite community-level action to sustain previous improvements in child health while gaining important new ground. In 2012, NC Child introduced county data cards to supplement the annual NC Child Health Report Card. The goal of the county data cards is to replicate the success of the state-level report in communities across North Carolina by illuminating local trends in child health and wellness, identifying opportunities for strategic investments, promoting evidence-based strategies to improve child well-being outcomes, and empowering communities to advocate on behalf of their children and youth. The county data cards provide more than 30 indicators of child health and well-being, many of which are disaggregated by race and ethnicity. Since their inception, the county data cards have been used by local administrators, foundations, and community leaders to develop shared priorities, allocate local resources to support better health, and measure progress in key indicators of child health and wellness. To date, the county data cards have inspired or informed collective action initiatives to address child health and well-being in at least four counties, with far more indicating the data cards help to inform their local activities.
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