The Partnership for America’s Children is a national network of child advocacy organizations focused on state and local policy change. We advance public policies that enhance the health, education, financial security, and well-being of our nation’s children and their families. Together, our 45+ member organizations work at the local, state, and national levels to ensure that every child, from every race, ethnicity, ability, and zip code, has the opportunity to thrive.


Our History:

The Partnership for America’s Children was formed in 2013 by the executive directors of state and local child advocacy organizations because of their firm conviction that advocates are more effective when they learn from and support each other. Each member contributes expertise, leadership, and passion to the network in order to fulfill the Partnership’s vision.

Our Mission:

The mission of the Partnership for America’s Children is to sustain a strong network of state and community child advocacy organizations by increasing member’s capacity to support transformational and equitable policy change in their state and communities.

To achieve our vision of a strong, connected, and dynamic network of state and local child advocates advancing transformative policy for children and families, the Partnership provides the following to our members:



The Partnership brings together child advocates from around the country in a community of practice, strategy, inspiration and mutual support. We facilitate peer-to-peer knowledge sharing activities including monthly Partnership Peer Exchange meetings; quarterly race equity leadership meetings; affinity groups for Executive Directors, staff of color and others; and an annual retreat for Partnership member leaders.  



The Partnership for America’s Children supports executive directors of member organizations and the development of a pipeline of leaders in the child advocacy sector. The Partnership believes that child advocates – equipped with information, knowledge and skills – can more effectively promote policies that transform the lives of children and their families. We ensure that state and local advocates have information about important federal policy actions and state trends; facilitate webinars featuring experts on policy, communications, organizational capacity building and other issues; and curate a library of organizational and policy resources for our members.



Working with national and regional funders, the Partnership provides targeted grant opportunities to our members to support state and local advocacy efforts as well as organizational support. Opportunities have focused on a diverse array of topics including: child health policy; child nutrition; state budget advocacy; expanding access to child tax credits; expanding income supports for families; centering parent advocacy in early childhood policy efforts; and more. Since 2018 the Partnership has regranted more than $10 million, and in 2022, the Partnership dedicated more than 80% of its budget to regrants for members.


Communities of Practice


The Partnership for America’s Children facilitates communities of practice focused on myriad campaign-building efforts including child welfare policy (SPARC), Census Bureau policy & resources (Count All Kids), and federal policy solutions to improve opportunities and outcomes for youth who experience foster care (Journey to Success). In partnership with the Coalition on Human Needs, we previously engaged in an education campaign to ensure that eligible families received the expanded tax credit.